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Lunch 8/25/2012:  Duckfat, 43 Middle Street, Portland, ME

Shared:  Poutine and beignets with chocolate sauce

Me:  B.G.T. (bacon, goat cheese, tomato) panini

The boyfriend:  duck confit panini

When you make two ravenous fatasses like us wait for more than an hour, we better be presented with a mind-blowingly memorable meal.

Sadly, that wasn’t what went down here.

The poutine was classic gravy and cheese curds, with the fries fried in, you guessed it, duck fat. The handcut fries had great texture and flavor. It was a good start. 

We actually specifically planned this road trip after seeing the duck confit panini featured on a Cooking Channel show that named it one of the top 5 sandwiches IN AMERICA. It was such a disappointment, though. We both thought the B.G.T. had more flavor and that the duck confit was bland. Maybe we got a poorly made panini, or an ingredient was missing? The bread was perfectly toasted and crisp, though, so the paninis weren’t complete losses…

Beignets… have had better. I thought they actually tasted a little burnt. These also had been deep-fried in duck fat. Overall 3/5 stars, $6.50 small poutine, $9.50 B.G.T. panini, $12 duck confit panini, $4 beignets.

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Two people in love... with eating.