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Dinner 10/17/2012:  Burger Bar, Mandalay Place, 3930 Las Vegas Boulevard S. #121A, Las Vegas

Black Jack burger and Chocolate burger

Had very high expectations since it’s a Hubert Keller restaurant. Was surprised by the fact it was located in the middle of a mall. 

Black Jack burger with black angus beef, monterey jack, tapenade, tomato, and lettuce on ciabatta didn’t do much for me. Maybe it was the tapenade, but I just wasn’t that impressed, or at least not as impressed as I hoped to be. Skinny fries, however, were perfectly cooked. 3/5, $13.80.

Now, the Chocolate burger… THAT impressed me. Warm donut “buns,” Nutella mousse “beef patty,” passion fruit “cheese slices,” strawberry “tomatoes,” and kiwi “pickles.” Adorable. If only I could eat one of these everyday… 4/5 stars, $6.25.

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Two people in love... with eating.